Well, as the summer passes by and gives way to the cooler autumn season, the Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival Committee is venturing into a new and different season from their original intent and purpose.

If you attended any of the Summer in the City activities related to the arts, you heard our director, Mr. Joseph Bell state, “We need the arts”. That adage is still a vibrant and crucial proclamation as we continue to be stifled with the unknown outcomes related to the Covid-19. Because of this uncertainty, we would like to continue along in the spirit of Summer in the City and bring you Autumn in the City. We wish to dance around this pandemic providing various activities, once again, in a manner that is safe, respectful, and energizing for all in attendance. In the weeks to come, you can anticipate several activities that require participation from local, creative individuals. You can also look forward to musical activities for every family member to enjoy.  Keep referring to this web page as information will be updated frequently and in a timely manner.


So, here is to the arts, creativity, and imagination!


We hope you choose to participate as either an observer or a participant. Either way, we believe you will have fun and enjoy the arts through this unprecedented time.





More Information Coming.

More Information Coming.

Knox County Health Department/CDC


* Masks are REQUIRED unless you are 6' apart or further.

* No sitting in the Park National Pavilion or Kiwanis Pavilion.

*People need to take their trash with them because there are not a lot of trash cans
around the lake.

*Activity host(s) will wear a designated shirt

*Covid-19 signage will accompany all artists performing and serve as a reminder
about safety.

Live music, interactive arts, great food, arts and crafts vendors. Yup. It's awesome. Plus, we made this website.