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The Shuman Band

With a musical heritage that spans three generations, The Shuman Band has always been about authentic, live entertainment. Whether performing original compositions or self-styled songs penned by other artists, The Shuman band embodies a form that is unique and compelling. With roots in classic rock, folk, blues, and traditional American music,
The Shuman Band has created an energetic, loyal following that is growing with each performance.


From the beginning, the Shuman Band has always been a family operation; comprised of a father (Sam) and his five sons (Jesse, Dylan, Nathan, Cole, and Gabe). Appearances at festivals, wineries, fairs, and corporate events have produced rave reviews and invitations for future performances. The Shuman Band is a regular performer at Huntington Park and has recently released a thirteen-song compilation entitled Legacy.


Choosing songs with depth and meaning, The Shuman Band performs in a style that is authentically theirs. You can find more information about The Shuman Band on Facebook and at Come see a performance you will not soon forget.

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