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Festival Challenge:
Wooden Toys


During the festival, come visit the Grand Hotel Ballroom to view creative work using the harvested wood from Mount Vernon’s downtown square. In addition to beautiful woodworking projects, local artists have been challenged to create projects related to children. Toys and games are the focus this year with woodworkers creating some fantastic pieces.

Our wood workers have selected their “Choice” pieces and are currently manipulating, shaping, and transforming raw boards into beautiful pieces of art. All wood crafts will be on display at The Grand Hotel for guests and visitors to see.

Each piece will be up for auction, Saturday August 13, 6:00 pm. in front of City Hall. The Ruckman Group LLC will again help us with this process including Online Bidding. All the artwork created for the challenge will be up for bid. Half of the proceeds will go to the artist with the remaining half returning to the festival. Come and see new and fresh ideas from this challenge. You will be impressed!

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