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Festival Challenge: 
Wooden Toys

Calling all innovative artists and creative designers!

Your help is needed more than ever in this time of quarantine and self-isolation. In addition, your creative energy is needed to help develop an attitude of anticipation, excitement and energy related to the Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival. You, as creative engineers, can help by developing a tangible sense of hope for this community. Your ideas, skills, and abilities through applications are needed now. I would like to invite you to a challenge involving creativity and imagination for the Mount Vernon/Knox County community to appreciate and enjoy. We request your help and above all, your support with a great activity and even greater cause.

The 2021 “CHALLENGE” material is an assortment of rough honed, kilned dried planks, including thick and thin logs. The species of wood include Sweet Gum, Sugar Maple, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, and Buckeye. We would like to offer to any person(s) with creative aspiration to consider picking up any portion of this wood and go crazy with “repurposing” possibilities. Artist would be free to modify, add or subtract any material related to the object in a manner that appeals to the designer. Examples to follow.


All of the raw material will be offered on a first-come/first-serve basis and will be available in April or May. If this appeals to you, please register. If it is determined that there is enough interest with this exciting activity, specific directions will be sent to each participant detailing time and location to pick up the desired materials and how all projects will be displayed at the festival.

Planning for the festival is still moving forward. Should the festival have to fold, all work related to this activity will have a special, advertised exhibit while being on display in the Promenade at the Woodward Opera House.

Please feel free to share this new activity and information related to the festival with friends and families who like to create, problem solve, and "go crazy" with their imagination. 

Talk about it with other artists and get registered on the “list”.

It is first-come/first-served, so think fast.


Joseph Bell/Trina Trainor

Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival, Directors

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