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SAP was formed when a group of student athletes and orchestral musicians from Mount Vernon High School set out to fulfill the dream of a rock n' roll performance for their senior Forum Show. What unfolded was more than just a great singular performance. The chemistry of the bonds of friendship stole the show, paving the way for the endeavor to continue.


Although they debuted as a four-piece, plans were quickly underway to add two additional members - a dedicated lead guitar player and a co-lead vocalist. 


SAP is fronted by Olivia Adams and Alliya Ballenger, who share vocal duties. The duo easily turns out stunning harmonies, bringing out the best in one another.


On lead guitar is Jillian Stauffer, sporting a vintage-styled Telecaster and a gritty rock n' roll tone for the ages. She is accompanied on rhythm guitar by Trey Stetler, who also plays keys when not covering guitar parts. 


The rhythm section is driven by Dryden Hager on bass guitar and Anna Dinnen on drums. Both enjoy putting on a show just as much as simply playing their parts. 


SAP pays tribute to the past as well as the current musical landscape. The band performs classic rock favorites and modern pop rock with an energetic vibe crowds can feel. 

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