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Downtown Mount Vernon, OH

AUGUST 13–15, 2021

Special "Kick-Off" event—Thursday, Aug. 12

The Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival is making a come-back!
With some required modifications due to COVID-19, we are creating new and exciting experiences for all to enjoy. We are in the process of developing an enriched experience that emphasizes visual sensory along with musical involvement. Guests can anticipate many activities and events at this year’s festival that has never been seen in downtown Mount Vernon, Ohio.
For our highlight activity, we have invited twenty high-quality chalk artists to take over downtown Main Street, wielding their chalk, creating awe-worthy pieces. “Chalk the Block” is an event you won’t want to miss.​


Venture into our new “Right Brain” tent! Come and learn how the two hemispheres of the brain actually work and see if you can make the left and right hemispheres of your brain make the optical illusions work. Here you can enjoy the complexity of the brain and how it solves problems.


Children and adults can step into the “Kids Zone” and experience Art through science. Visit and play on our PVC xylophones and “Found” Object marimbas. Take a crack at our new pendulum sand spiral art stands. What designs can you make? Play with our vibrating plates and see how different vibration frequencies change the patterns of the sand. The zone is exhilarating, and the creations are incredible!
Enjoy this year’s Arts and Crafts as all artisans will be up on the square. Saunter through the quality artwork, talk to the artists and find that special gift for a loved one.
Enjoy the food!  Food Trucks will be placed around the square for your choice of unique dining fare.
Stop by the Woodward to see our "Sculpted Air" artist, Aaron Hay. His creations will leave you astounded with one, two, and even three-story works of art…with balloons.
Step into the Grand Hotel and see the results of the Chair/Piano Challenge and the Wood Challenge. Experience the creative minds of local artists transform common items into new and incredible forms of expression and purpose. Peruse the items and determine what you enjoy! You will have the opportunity to support the artist and the festival by achieving the winning bid at our Festival Challenge auction.
Spend an evening at our newly developed “Bistro” while enjoying dinner and music that makes you want to dance. More information coming soon.
Enjoy musicians and artists at our two performing areas—Music Maker Square and the new Community Crossroads Stage located on South Main Street and Vine Street.
Take a walk through time as we welcome the Cruise-In on the Mount Vernon Square on Sunday. Enjoy the vintage, contemporary, and other unique forms of transportation from around the country. These proud owners always bring their pride and joy for all to see.
Finally, be a part of the experience not only as a guest but as a participant. Your help is greatly needed as a FESTIVAL FORCE MEMBER. As a member, you can help with Doodle Boarders, Hosts, Set-up/Tear-Down, singers, actors, performers, and general support. We hope you choose to be a part of something greater. This year will be a year to remember. Your help is always needed. Whether it be by your assistance, your participation, or your presence, you are a vital part of the life of this festival. 


Another way to help support this community endeavor is through FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Your willingness to sustain this large, fun, family-friendly event enables us to plan unique experiences for our area.
Carefully consider how you can financially support this unique event and help us expand the festival in a manner that stimulates creativity and imagination. Your contribution in any form or manner is greatly appreciated!


Joseph Bell & Trina Trainor, Directors
Magic Eye.JPG

Knox County Health Department/CDC


* Masks are REQUIRED unless you are 6' apart or further.

*Activity host(s) will wear a designated shirt

*Covid-19 signage will accompany all artists performing and serve as a reminder
about safety.

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