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Chalk The  Block

August 13th–14th


For the highlight event, we are eager to welcome Adam Brouillette, Manager for Columbus’s Chalk the Block. He and his entourage of 20 professional chalk artists will take over South Main Street as they bring their incredible artistic skills to our festival. Come and see how they use the elements of art including, line, shape, space, value, texture, and the incredible use of color…using only chalk.

All artists will be in the downtown area beginning Friday, August 13th, and will finish on Saturday, August 14th. You are welcome and encouraged to come and watch them prep their spaces. Stay as long as you like but be sure to come back on Saturday or Sunday to see the final illustrations.

Come and experience something new, fresh, and different. Experience the visual arts in a form and expression brand-new to this community. This will be a GREAT family activity for all to enjoy!

Chalk the Block Invitational Sponsored by the Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival

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